2012 Wk 15, One step at a time

Published April 22, 2012

This week, the one run I’ve got up on Runkeeper isn’t quite fair, but it has been a rather pitiful seven days. Monday, I went out for a run but after about ten minutes, I knew my calves weren’t having any of it. A further few minutes on and my app cut off midway through a pace update and when I checked, the time had gone all weird. I decided to call it a day and half walked, half jogged my way back.

Wednesday was the one workout that did work, but it was a very slow one. I don’t particularly know why, but I think since running that 8km distance, I’ve got it in my head that I need to start slow to get to the end - even if subsequent runs aren’t quite as long. I suppose it is always a mind game between running fast and running at a speed you can maintain for the distance.

I should have gone out this weekend, but it’s been busy with Sidepodcast stuff. Today I watched the London Marathon and came to this conclusion about taking part myself:

I’d never say never, which is already a step above a couple of years ago when I would have fallen off my chair laughing at the very idea.

But I think even if I could do the distance, I couldn’t cope with the people. It makes me anxious just seeing it on TV.

It’s not something I’ll need to consider for a very long time though. Especially not at the pace of one workout a week!

Next week is probably going to be just as bad, as I have two days taken up with going to and from a funeral. However, F1 takes a back seat for three weeks now, which may help at weekends. Onwards and upwards!

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