The Archers - February 2012

Published March 5, 2012

So, Tony had a heart attack. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, did they? Even on the official Archers blog they had to admit that it was a rather anticipated event. It happened right at the end of the month, after another couple of busy weeks for Bridge Farm. With launches, more talk on the long-lost grandchild, Tom’s never-ending obsession with pork-based ready meals, and Pat’s animosity towards Brian over the mega dairy, it’s been yet another month full of this branch of the Archers clan. When will they get a break? Perhaps now.

Tony is laid up in the hospital, Tom is feeling guilty and Jennifer has come round to make amends. Brian even found himself picking veg boxes! When the chips really are down, the family all comes together. Bless. I expect more from Tom’s side of this though - guilt, anger, realising he has to do more at the farm, we’ll see.

Elsewhere, David gathered together as much information as he could to try and have an informed debate with Ruth about giving up the dairy side of the business. For Ruth, it is intensely personal and she was on the verge of hysterics several times whenever the topic came up. I can’t see that they will give up the cows, but equally, I like the idea that The Archers can change with the times. It would be weird for their to be no milkers at Brookfield, and a mega dairy just around the corner.

Talking of the big business mega dairy, I loved the battle of the website, and the conversations about staying neutral and displaying bias. The talk Ian and Adam had, where Ian agreed to spy on the meeting for his partner made me very happy. I do like him, the big softie. It was also fun to hear Brian react to being called high-handed and pompous. If only someone could get through to Jennifer what she is really like, then we might be getting somewhere.

In other corners of the village, Neil and Susan have finally been left alone after he finished up the redecorations at her dad’s place. The scene with Neil and Tracy in the car, and popping balloons, was one of the oddest things I’ve heard in a long while, but I liked it.

Finally, the vicar set up a challenge of not gossiping for Lent, which seems the worst idea ever. If no one gossiped, how would we listeners ever find out anything?

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