2012 Wk 5, Snow is falling all around me

Published February 5, 2012

There’s not much to report this week. I ran twice - the first was an excellent workout, I felt good and strong and capable of taking on the world. The second was the complete opposite, slow and muggy, and ended in tears. I was disappointed and frustrated and figured it was all pointless. You know how it gets sometimes.

I posted my immediate thoughts on RunKeeper and had some brilliant feedback, although I was a little embarrassed by my over-reaction when I read it back. However, it was worth it to get this fabulous supportive comment from Ron:

You can do this Christine! I really believe that very few of us are cut out to be runners. Folks like us just have to put it in the right perspective and remember that it’s not always about chasing PBs or getting under a certain time in a race. It’s about being fit, happy with yourself and when you’re out in the deepest, darkest of Africa with a hungry pride of lions carefully eyeing you, being able to out run your mates!

It really cheered me up. Lots of the advice was about taking a break and mixing it up, so I thought I’d just wait a few days until the weekend to get back to my longer route.

Only, of course, now it has snowed. Winter, eh?

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