2012 Wk 5, Blame it on the weatherman

Published February 14, 2012

Again, it was a bit of a dull week, as the weather played a big part in keeping me indoors. I tried to make up for it by using our newly acquired exercise bike, and I was intrigued by the results. I thought my legs would kill afterwards, but actually they weren’t too bad at all. I presume that is something to do with all the running, perhaps my legs are actually stronger.

I did manage to go out for one run during the week, which was good timing really. Considering the flip out I had had the previous week, plenty of people suggested taking a break. Just one run in the week was probably the best solution really, and thankfully it wasn’t too bad at all.

Running graph

Clearly that weird bit at the beginning may be skewing the numbers somewhat, but hey, I’m not fussy. I am having a significant problem with the GPS, but only at the very start of the run. It seems to have been a bit wobbly for the past few runs (although speaking from the future, it may be getting better again).

Also, I was disappointed not to be able to get out at the weekend, it’s been weeks and weeks now. Hopefully this weekend.

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