2012 Wk 3, Back to normality

Published January 22, 2012

After last week’s enforced break thanks to some poorly timed germs, it was hard going to get back into it this week, but I didn’t do too badly.

Went out on Monday and Tuesday - both of which felt like I had wooden legs and had forgotten how to use them. It was bitterly cold, and in places it was frosty, and as it is quite dark I was stepping carefully. That wouldn’t help my speed, but I can’t pretend I was capable of anything spectacular anyway.

Wednesday was a rest day, and then it was to Thursday, where I finally felt like I had been out for a run before. So far, my “record” for these January dark evening runs is 3.5km, and this was 3.49km, so almost back to normality.

Then today’s longer run. I was battling an awful headwind for the first kilometre or so, and I do so hate the wind. It felt like I was going nowhere, and I know my time reflected that. However, I gradually picked up the pace and was amazed to find that I clawed the average back to 8:28 by the end.

Running graph

What I like about my new route is that it is somewhat shaped like a lollipop. Run one kilometre in a straight line, then round in a circle and back down again. Potentially, if I was feeling adventurous, I could attempt more than one circle. Maybe one day.

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