Friday Five - Things I miss about my HTC

Published December 23, 2011

I’ve had my iPhone for almost two weeks now, and I love it. All those hideous and disgusting phrases like “it just works” and “it makes me want to do more with it” are all true. I’ve got posts in the pipeline (by that I mean in my mind) regarding the highs and lows of life with Siri and what a revelation the camera is, but a quick summary is… it’s great.

Rather than gushing about the iPhone, though, I thought it would be worth taking a moment to remember some things about the Android that I miss.

  1. The notification light. This is quite a big deal for me, actually, and the fact the iPhone has no good way of knowing if something has happened is irritating. You can get the notifications and alerts, but they only happen the moment something comes in, whereas the flashing LED on my Desire would remain there until you checked out what it was trying to tell you.
  2. It hadn’t really occurred to me until I got the new phone but I am missing out on the incredible and free turn by turn via Google Navigate.
  3. Browsing the Kindle Store in the app itself was always fun. Course it’s not exactly hard to go to the Amazon mobile site in Safari but silly Apple for taking away the option in the app.
  4. Having the single touch to get a menu of all apps on the phone was cool. Also, the way the screens were laid out, you had the home screen then one to the left and one to the right. So you could be within one swipe of a dozen of your favourite apps. The iPhone has search to the left so that you only have one page always to the right.
  5. Finally, and I am reaching a little bit here, but it is important - the Runkeeper voice talks slower now than it does on Android. I don’t know why or how that happens, but after a year with the old one, it’s weird getting used to the new one.
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