Friday Five - Favourite Roses sweets

Published December 16, 2011

A week or two ago, I posted about my favourite Quality Street options when presented with a tin of the delicacies. I had a few messages suggesting that Quality Streets were an unknown, but Roses were more popular. For example, Amy said:

I have no idea what Quality Street is but I know what Roses are and I know what Cadbury Favourites are so I’m assuming they’re along the same lines, only Britisher.

And thus, purely in the interests of balance, you understand:

Cadburys Roses

My top five of these are as follows.

  1. Country Fudge
  2. Caramel Velvet
  3. Golden Barrel
  4. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  5. Caramel

Roses seem to have less choice, and if you take out the orange and strawberry ones that no one seems to enjoy, you’re only left with eight options. Thankfully, there is less emphasis on toffee compared to Quality Street though.

Next week, Cadbury’s Heroes.

Just kidding.

I hope.

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