Doctor Who: Series 2, Episode 2 - Tooth and Claw

Published December 1, 2011

Doctor Who Spoiler

After the body-swapping of the first DT episode proper, we know are faced with the Doctor swapping his accent - for Tennant’s native Scotland. It filters in and out, is startlingly out of place to begin with but soon feels very natural so that I didn’t notice he’d stopped, even though Queen Victoria did.

Doctor Who series 2 episode 2

It’s always a risk for Doctor Who to take on historical figures, sometimes it works very well, sometimes it doesn’t. For the most part, the series has done a good job. Charles Dickens is a great character, and later on, Vincent van Gogh is handled particularly well.

For this episode, it’s Queen Victoria who gets to meet the Doctor, and to all intents and purposes she is not amused. Rose tries her hardest to get her to utter the immortal lines - which, whilst funny, seemed to be a bit over the top. Rose is usually so sympathetic and great at reaching out to the people where the Doctor is not, but here, she was far too focused on winning the bet. There were moments where she tried to push the Queen that were quite inappropriate for normal conversation, let alone royalty!

Still, the bet and the laughing, joking, and excitement about meeting the Queen all served to further the relationship between Doctor and companion. Their glee at seeing a werewolf despite still being in the middle of a rather hairy situation (pun intended), spoke volumes at their joy of just being together.

I really enjoyed the concept of scary ghost stories being told around the dinner table, and them being mirrored by real life in the lower levels. Upstairs they whisper tales of old around the silverware, whilst in the basement, Rose is facing a new horror - an alien werewolf type thing. If werewolves are aliens, then Being Human was a very different show to what I thought.

Overall, this seemed like a good episode, not amazingly strong, but certainly not one of the worst. There were plenty of small moments to enjoy - the conversation about the modern royal family at the end, the talk of visiting rock concerts gone by, the concept of even Queen Victoria being held up by leaves on the line. Good, not the best, but a step towards building the relationship and the stories up to the next level.

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