A tale of goodwill... and of Google+

Published December 24, 2011

A couple of days ago, I posted this story of a good deed to my Google+ account. You may have already read it, in which case you don’t need to do so again - it’s here word for word:

Today I braved the crazy Christmas shoppers in the supermarket for my own regularly scheduled food purchases. I was not looking forward to it, I’ve seen a fight break out in front of the brussels sprouts before.

Nevertheless, I got through the ordeal relatively unscathed and trundled my trolley back to my car, feeling quite smug at having survived. I was loading up the boot of my car, as the woman next to me was doing the same. I thought it was a bit odd - not sure I’ve ever packed up my car with another person right there as well, it was awkward.

After I’d disposed of my trolley, I was turning back to my car when the woman asks if I have a phone. I did have a phone, I was listening to podcasts on it. Turns out she had locked her keys in the boot of her car, along with her shopping, and needed to make a call. She dialled and waited, nervously. Waiting, waiting. No one is answering, no one is answering. No one answered.

Well, she was practically turning circles, she didn’t know what to do. It was cold, dark, and Christmas, so I did the only thing I could do. Offered her a lift somewhere. She was hesitant, I said as long as it wasn’t miles away, she ummed and ahhed because it technically is miles away. Thankfully most of it is on speedy roads so it wasn’t too much of an ordeal. We made interesting enough conversation as we went along and after a few directions, I dropped her safely at her door. The welfare of her shopping and her car, I will never know about.

She was incredibly grateful and apologetic, and forced a token reimbursement on me for petrol and time. But I just kept thinking that if it was me, I’d hope that someone would be kind enough to help me out of a tricky situation like that too.

I am curious that I posted the story to my Google+ account before thinking twice about it, whereas in days gone by it would have been the star attraction here on the blog. That is not to say that my blog is any less important to me - it’s full of content that I love and regularly updated - but for this particular thing, I thought Google+ was the right place to do it. Clearly it wouldn’t have worked on Twitter, far too many characters! I opted for G+ as I know I can get the information back out again, back it up, and so it isn’t going into the great abyss.

It has made me ponder what it was about the story that fitted the social network more than here - is it that more people would see it over there, or just that personal stories make more sense in the social arena, whilst commentary and reviews are more fitting to an individual website?

Either way, the story has now made it over to the blog so the point is somewhat moot!

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