Wired for sound

Published November 13, 2011

I go through earphones at a rate of knots. Sometimes they lose the sound in one ear, occasionally I leave them places, often one end of the cable breaks and becomes unusable. Considering the amount I use them, I’m okay with that really. They have become more of a consumable than anything else.

I’ve tried expensive ones, I’ve tried cheap ones, and in the end, I just go with whatever I can find. My most recent headphones came to an early demise with a lack of sound in one ear, so I made an emergency evening trip to the supermarket to grab a new pair. Mr C raised the idea of buying one good pair for office duties, and then another pair for running and sleeping with.

New untanglable headphones

It’s a good idea, so when I selected a pair from the supermarket, I chose a relatively cheap pair, with the idea of getting some more from Maplin when I have time. They’re not the best sound quality I’ve ever heard - quite muddy - but I don’t mind that too much as I don’t listen to enormous amounts of music through them. What they do have is an added benefit I wasn’t expecting.

They don’t tangle!

I didn’t believe it when I read the packaging, but I’ve been using them for a few days and have yet to tangle them up. It’s something to do with the metal style wire that means it doesn’t bend the same way as normal cables do. Personally, I think it’s some kind of magic.

They’re amazing. Perhaps if they don’t tangle so much, the cable has more of a chance of surviving being owned by me. If only the sound was better, they’d be the perfect set.

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