The Doctor versus The Cyberman... at Twister!

Published November 26, 2011

The BBC have introduced a new trailer for their Christmas output - well, it’s more like one of those feel-good ones that has no specific content and just a lot of famous faces beckoning you to stay with the Beeb over the festive season. Works for me!

I can only say that seeing The Doctor playing Twister with a Cyberman may be the best three seconds of TV that I’ve seen in a long while.

Cyberman Twister

I also love that they have a bespoke version of Twister. I’m guessing they’re not allowed to use the real one, or advertise it, but I love their purple and gold version. They should market it, it looks much more festive. The jumpers… well, they look warm. It’s disappointing the Cyberman didn’t get one.

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