Hold on tight to your running dreams

Published November 20, 2011

It’s been a pretty tiring week and I wasn’t really in the mood to go running today, but I pulled on my trainers anyway. Nice and foggy outside to really lift the spirits, but once I started it wasn’t too bad. It’s also been something of a frustrating week, so getting out there and clearing my head was kinda good. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I also wasn’t expecting my progress so far to continue forever. You can’t keep running once a week and expect to keep on getting faster every time.

This was about my fourth fastest 5k (I should make a chart!), so still okay, but not fabulous.

Running graph

Although the average pace was disappointing, it was one of those runs where I could easily have given up in the middle and therefore was just happy to get to the end. It’s always a good feeling when you overcome the negative thoughts and reach the finish through determination alone - no matter what the pace is.

Part of it was determination, and part of it was that this song came on.

I don’t suppose they meant hold on to your dreams of running a faster 5k, but it worked today.

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