The Archers - September 2011

Published October 4, 2011

It’s been a bit of a downer month in Ambridge really, starting with Phoebe finally making her way out of Borsetshire and heading towards her extended family in South Africa. I thought the departure was really well done. Lots of nitpicking over clothes and packing, trying to brave, and in the end, it was Roy who started with the tears first. Bless.

After two kids fleeing the nest, Jennifer finds herself lonely and bored. She manages to find time to give Clarrie something of a pep talk, and denies Tony a hand out after he comes grovelling. She must be able to find something more useful to do, in the whole of Ambridge, and with all their connections and money.

Poor Tony. First he wanted to ask Peggy for money - she seems to be the go-to lady when it comes to asking for a handout. Unfortunately, Peggy had bad news of her own when Jack had a stroke. She was rushing to and from the hospital, getting herself in a tizzy, and barely able to look after herself. Not really the ideal time to ask for a loan.

The situation should resolve itself now that Peggy is investing practically everything in Elona. The carer has her own page on Who’s Who now, with a picture and everything, so she might be around for a while to come. I don’t care for her one way or the other really, except it seems worrying to be topping up her rent, offering her a job, and finding handyman work for her husband as well. Eggs in basket, much.

Back to Tony. There was nothing happening with his mum, so he went to his sister who keenly avoided the subject. I loved the scene with Kathy offering them money, and Tony feeling guilty. It’s times like this you really know who your friends are. It’s certainly more helpful than football playing pigs. I can’t bring myself to say anything else about them!

On the flip side of the Bridge Farm predicament was Clarrie getting upset and disappearing for a few days. She eventually came back and has got herself into gear - presumably thanks to the pep talk from Jennifer - and is volunteering at the village shop. Not much in the way of pay, but at least she’s keeping herself busy. Unlike Jennifer!

Just a couple of other bits:

  • Intrigued with the super dairy idea from Debbie, considering how the Knockton Dairy proposals went down in real life.
  • I loved Nic facing up to Will and telling him she didn’t want him to be a brute with her ex. She’s very courageous, that Nic, especially considering the way Andrew treated her. We’re just starting to hear more about that now, and it sounds awful. I would have said Will was not the ideal guy to get over that with, but they seem to be exceptionally good together.
  • Brenda was moaning about James. Last time she was moaning about working with Lillian and I had to find out what the problem was there. Now there’s another problem I don’t know about! Surely that job is doomed to fail if Brenda has all these issues with that family.
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