Friday Five - Sandwich fillings

Published October 21, 2011

Mmm, I love sandwiches. They’re one of my favourite foods, although it probably doesn’t count as just one given the number of fillings you can have. That, in fact, is what this post is all about - my five favourite sandwich fillings at the moment. My tastes seem to change all the time at the moment. I used to love prawn sandwiches but have gone off them quite a lot recently. Weirder combinations have taken the prawn’s place. These are my favourite at this moment, though.

  • Tuna and cucumber

I do love a tuna sandwich, although I don’t tend to eat them that often. It has to be tuna, mayonnaise and cucumber though. Sweetcorn is okay, but doesn’t really match the watery green goodness of a slice of cucumber. There’s also a balancing act with the mayonnaise too. You don’t want too much, else it would be sickly. But you don’t want too little, else your tuna will be dry. Tricky.

  • BLT

Only home made though. Those BLT sandwiches from the shops are not a patch on some freshly cooked bacon packed onto iceburg lettuce with chunky tomato. For a real treat, you could throw in a slice of cheese as well, and then your golden. I pride myself on my BLTs, although they are often a little bit messy.

  • Chicken Caesar

This actually only works for me in a wrap, rather than in bread, but can be delicious. I’m particularly fond of the higher end shop versions of this - Co op do a good one, and if you’re really pushing the boat out, Marks and Spencer is a must have. I’ve never tried to make my own, though, perhaps I should give it a go.

  • Salt and vinegar crisps

I don’t remember when or why I first tried a crisp sandwich, but there’s no getting away from the fact that putting salt and vinegar crisps between two slices of bread, or more preferably, into a soft white roll is something close to heavenly. You do have to be careful when you eat because the crisps break in unpredictable ways and you can end up with some sharp edges, but plenty of chewing solves that problem. The trouble with this sandwich is there is no redeeming feature about it at all. You can’t fool yourself into thinking your sandwich has a slice of lettuce in it and is therefore healthy. It’s fried potato in bread. Carbohydrate overload.

  • Cheese and tomato

Finally, the humble cheese and tomato sandwich. Again, it really needs to be homemade, and preferably left for a little while before you eat it. Not so long that the tomato soaks the bread, but long enough for it to soften the cheese a little bit. A dash of salt on top of the tomato can also add another level to what is a simple but delicious sandwich.

That’s my five. I’m curious what sandwiches top your list - particularly if you have any weird combinations to share!

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