Did anyone figure out what Jaiku means anyway?

Published October 15, 2011

Google have confirmed that they’re axing a few more of their side projects, including the terrible Buzz and the less terrible Jaiku. I was a big fan of Jaiku in its days pre-Google, using it as an alternative to Twitter.

As Mr C commandeered the @sidepodcast Twitter account, I was looking for another way to represent Sidepodcast in social networks. I headed straight towards Jaiku, and was impressed with what I saw. I liked the little images you could use to demonstrate what kind of update you were writing, and I really liked that it had direct commenting on each status. It was slightly easier to follow a conversation than on Twitter.

It didn’t really have the takeup of Twitter, of course, and before long, Google had snapped it up in their traditional “we want the talent and don’t care about killing the service” way. They immediately closed signups to the site, and I’m not sure if they ever came back. Either way, it’s an ex-service now.

When I saw the news, I immediately went to see what kind of things I was writing about and whether they were worth saving. I took a bit of a backup (if you can call copy and paste that) and found some gems along the way. It’s always fun to look at the weird things you were saying back in the day. If only Twitter wasn’t so unpredictable in terms of archives, there would be a lot more fun and games, I reckon.

Here are some of the highlights I uncovered along the way.

A mini Film Watch

Jaiku message

I still haven’t watched either of these for Film Watch. Must add them to the list.

Crossing the streams

Jaiku message

Back when I wasn’t sure I should admit to listening to The Archers. Then I started blogging it every month, so clearly got over that shyness.

Not just F1

Jaiku message

I know I used to like British Touring Cars - probably still would if I made the effort to see it. I can’t believe I liked it so much as to commentate via social networking though. And to make judgements on driver’s hair…

Jaiku message

Audio issues

Jaiku message

Every flipping year I say this. And apparently have been doing so for four years. I really should change the record!

An intriguing diet

Jaiku message

There’s also a later update on another day that suggests I had Mini Cheddars for breakfast. No wonder my diet is so screwed up.

Long time love

Jaiku message

Always been happy to see Bibendum. He’s so smiley!

When iTunes did TV

Jaiku message

There wasn’t much choice, really. I only bought the one episode which was two of the Spongebob shows. Not sure I ever watched the second. I can only take a little bit of Spongebob in one go.

Silly story

Jaiku message

Mr C says he can remember this happening. I cannot.

Genetic study required

Jaiku message

Typing is faster

Jaiku message

I don’t know what race this was on, but I know I used to make notes as they went along. Sort of like a primitive version of the Factbyte Factbox.

That stalker site

Jaiku message

Absolutely, it would be pure self-indulgence. Crazy idea. It’ll never work. Eh-hem.

Still playing

Jaiku message

Four years on, I still don’t own the Sims 3, and a while back was playing Sims 2 again. Perhaps not as over it as I thought.

A little respect

Jaiku message

That’s the double world champion you’re talking about, young lady.

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