The Archers - August 2011

Published September 5, 2011

As this very wise post says, a lot of the goings on in the Archers this month have been to do with business and money. From the trials and tribulations at Bridge Farm, to Peggy’s desperate bid to keep Jack’s carer, everything has resolved around those little round coins.

The Bridge Farm situation keeps on going from bad to worse. Customers are turning away in their droves, businesses are severing ties with them, and potential partners are finding out all about the dreaded environmental health problem on the internet. Pip has been sticking her nose in, and it’s fun to hear Tom and Brenda being annoyed by someone other than Vicky. Clarrie did the right thing, in my mind, and resigned from the dairy. If nothing else, it stopped the neverending argument between Tom and Pat about whether to fire her. That does leave the Grundy’s scrabbling about for cash again, though.

Will and Nic have both been doing their best to help out the family without making it look too much like charity. Will offered money, Nic offered some of her shifts at the bull and took round some shopping. I know Will had a windfall from a deceased aunt or something, but how is it they can just splash the cash like that?

When not propping up the in-laws, the pair of them have been enjoying their summer with the kids (one missing Mia situation aside), and really making a very happy family. It’s weird to hear Will so happy, when he’s always been such a grumpy so and so. It’s also weird to hear Nic so happy considering what it was like the first time she and Will tried to make a go of out. However, it’s nice that they’re contented. Hopefully, it will last.

Meanwhile, Chris and Alice have been sorting out business loans and selling strawberries to make ends meet. It’s very noble of them not to want to accept handouts from Brian, and I’m glad he appreciates it too - even if Jennifer turns up her nose at cheap supermarket labels. Brian has his own stresses to worry about, with bones turning up at the market site. His relationship with Annabel confuses me. One minute they sound like they’re about to embark on an affair, the next they are arguing as if they hate each other.

Leonie and Jay are writing a book. They are quite irritating, but hearing them riling up all the locals is something of a joy. Peggy has pulled out all the stops to try and find a place for the carer to stay and still she won’t accept the kindness. I’m not sure why having a husband in prison, or just coming out of it, should affect anything, but I also think it’s crazy of Peggy to go to such lengths anyway.

The line of the month for me was courtesy of Peggy, however, when she said: “I’m all for a bit of thrift.” If only you’d passed on some of that attitude to Jennifer.

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