Reading 365 F1 Stories without a Kindle

Published September 12, 2011

Since writing my two-part F1 book and releasing it on Amazon as a Kindle ebook, many people have noted with disappointment that they don’t own a Kindle device. Yet one of Amazon’s best kept secrets is the many, many Kindle apps they have created offering the ability to read their ebook content on a variety of different devices. Even if you don’t possess a Kindle, you should still be able to read an ebook.

On the big screen

Kindle cloud reader

Amazon recently launched a cloud app, for reading within your web browser. It still syncs up with your account but you can read online, or download for offline reading, without needing any extra software. With the ability to browse your library, tweak reading settings to suit your style and highlight passages of specific books to share with others, or keep for yourself, it’s easy to create an atmosphere where you’ll enjoy reading and referencing books you have downloaded.

On an iDevice

One of the main ways I personally indulge in Kindle books is via the iPod and/or iPad. Amazon’s many-app policy means that everything syncs together, so it doesn’t matter which device you pick up, you’ll be able to find where you finished up reading last time and get started from there. The iPod is a particular favourite of mine, as it is useful to read at night - lightweight and backlit - or to carry around on errands (waiting for the dentist is the perfect time for a spot of reading).

On the go

Kindle for Android

Amazon also offer apps to read books on Blackberry, Android or Windows phones. If you carry one of these in your pocket you can read and sync wherever you are. There are such a variety of these devices on the market it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which are optimised for reading and will be most comfortable to use, but there’s plenty of information on Amazon’s site and all the apps are free to download and test out.

The iBookstore alternative

If you aren’t the biggest fan of Amazon, 365 F1 Stories is also available on the iBookstore. Available to read on iPhones, iPods and iPads, the books have great styling, and use a more modern ebook standard meaning some sections are enhanced. In particular, the Table of Contents is much better on iDevices, than its Kindle counterpart. You can purchase the books via iTunes and sync, or buy directly on the devices.

Community service

Once you’ve found the app for you, ebook reading can be addictive. Since moving from paper, I read much more than I ever used to, and I love it. Amazon are adding more and more ways to share your reading habits - including tweeting out selected passages to your followers, should you find them noteworthy.

If you’ve been reluctant to try out the ebook world so far, or assumed that not owning a Kindle device excluded you, there are a world of different options to make it free and easy to get started and see how you like it.

Once you’re comfortable reading electronic books, I can highly recommend a two part series looking at selected moments from the history of Formula One!

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