Introducing Formula Primo Confidential with Between the Lines

Published September 18, 2011

Between the Lines is the first book in the Formula Primo Confidential series - a fictional motorsport category populated by intriguing and passionate drivers. Following the highs and lows of a rookie racer as he joins the series, this first book will transport you into a motorsport universe of exciting drama.

If you ever followed my Life in the Fast Lane series, you will recognise the characters and the fundamental story behind Formula Primo. From a ten part reader-voted story, I’ve expanded on the details to create Between the Lines.

Between the Lines (Formula Primo Confidential)

The motorsport world of Formula Primo is one of high speed and fast living, where relationships are made and broken on and off track, and trust is the fine line between a trophy finish and a long walk home. Rookie driver John Mitchell makes his Formula Primo debut, plunging into the tense rivalry between two racing teams. 

Historical arguments seep into the present when Mitch starts his first race, and ends it in the gravel. What could give Mason Mortimer such a desire to ruin the career of a new driver he’s barely laid eyes on?

Although loyal to the boss that gave him his break, Mitch begins to realise things are not what they seem. The season progresses and luck is never on his side. Could the answer be held with the driver who caused him such early heartbreak?

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