Friday Five - Lakeland kitchen gadgets I might want

Published September 23, 2011

Last week, I talked about recipes I am tempted to make, and today I’ve got more kitchen related stuff. I managed to have a quick browse through a Lakeland catalogue this week, and it was full of kitchen related gadgets. A few of them were pretty impressive, so I’ve picked five that I would buy if I was in the mood to sort my kitchen out.

The name leaves a lot to be desired, but the description that it helps emptying casserole dishes and getting the last servings out of a pan resonated with me. They say: “A cross between a scraper, a scoop and a ladle, we’re sure this is soon to become a kitchen essential that you’ll wonder how you managed without!” I imagine it is one of those tools that you don’t know you need but once you have it, life is a million times easier.

The magnetic part being in the title actually puts me off a little bit, but apparently they are only there so you can stick it to the toaster - assuming you have a metallic toaster. These are a stroke of genius. It’s always tricky to get steaming hot toast out without damaging your fingers but this solves the problem. And they’re made of bamboo, so they might attract pandas too.

Lakeland are not the only people to do this concept, I actually spotted these in a shop a while back but didn’t have a toaster at the time to try them out. The concept is intriguing - making cheese toasties without the need for a dedicated sandwich toaster or grill? You get two of the bags, and apparently they can be reused 500 times. Which is quite a lot of cheese toasties.

I’m not obsessed with toast, honestly, but this is the third bread related item. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just keep bread in the bread bin in the bag. I like the idea of a high tech bread house though - it even has air circulation that supposedly keeps the bread fresh for longer.

Another item that saves fingers and drips and messing and stuff. The instructions say you put the tea bag in before you even pour the water over it, but I think it might be more fun to use it as a grabber and pretend you’re playing with a claw machine or something. Ways to make tea more entertaining.

I love looking through kitchen stuff, from plates to high tech gadgets, but it usually makes me feel bad that I don’t cook more. These things are more useful than guilt inducing though, thank goodness!

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