Authors on the internet - now with added Christine

Published September 9, 2011

As if I wasn’t already taking over the internet enough, I’ve set up another domain and site. If you head over to you will find a quite sparse, but in progress website. That is the place where I’ll be specifically posting updates about books and writing and that kind of thing. Don’t think I won’t talk about that stuff here too, but it felt sensible to nab the domain while it was free.

I set up the site using Tumblr, which is something I’ve only had a little bit of experience with and not for quite a long time. Turns out, it’s a lot of fun. There are a few bits and pieces that I would want to tweak if I was going to use it long-term, but for now, it’s a pretty professional looking placeholder.

One of the new things you should find over there is a book trailer for 365 F1 Stories. I’ll also put it here for your visual delight - it’s less than 20 seconds long so won’t take much of your time.

The book trailer world is an interesting and varied one. I had a look at a few existing trailers, and it seems that people either have the budget to hire actors and sets, or they don’t and there is some quite conspicuous stock photography at work instead. Plenty of scope for creativity in this area, I reckon.

Every step of the book publishing process seems to lead to new and fun things. It’s brilliant.

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