Friday Five - Back to the Future inspired t-shirts

Published August 19, 2011

Mmm, Back to the Future. I love to browse the branded t-shirts, but I never really buy them because once I start, I think I would become bankrupt quite quickly. However, I was looking at BTTF related t-shirts recently, I forget why, and these are my favourite five that I stumbled across.

Back to the Future t-shirt

  • Dr. E. Brown Enterprises

I like the ones that aren’t supremely obvious, so whilst all Back to the Future fans should get it from the front, it would probably take the back to really make it clear what the t-shirt was all about. A big ol’ flux capacitor is hard to miss. I like that it also looks like a lot of music or band t-shirts you can get. “24 Hour Science Services.” I wonder what kind of services you might need in the dead of night.

Back to the Future t-shirt

  • Twin Pines Mall

Yes! I’m not sure this is 100% close to the logo in the film, but it’s a good enough representation to get the message across. I love that it has the oh-so-important time on there as well, because the film would be nothing without its references to time.

It’s also quite necessary to get the Lone Pine Mall t-shirt as well, and even better if you could wear one to a party or something, and then get changed halfway through.

Back to the Future t-shirt

  • Roads

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” There are a gazillion quotes in the BTTF world, but this is probably one of the most famous, so why wouldn’t you want it sprawled across a t-shirt.

The placement on the actual garment is a bit high for my liking, I suppose because the quote is quite long, but I would still snap it up in a moment. This is apparently an official t-shirt too, so the BTTF peeps have endorsed it.

Back to the Future t-shirt

  • Jaws 19

This is another one that is a bit more vague, because from far away it would just look like a shark or a Jaws t-shirt. It’s not until you get closer that it really resembles the dodgy hologram from BTTF2, and you can see it says 19.

It’s available in a lot of colours, I wouldn’t necessarily get the pink one that I have clipped the photo of here.

Back to the Future t-shirt

  • I drive at 88mph

I really love this one! At first I was dismissive of it, because the font is a bit wobbly, it’s not a great example of the font in the film, and claiming to drive at 88mph isn’t exactly a great catchphrase.

However, I love the “Just in case” addition because it adds a really wistful expression to the shirt. Also, I can’t believe that it has never occurred to me to do that!

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