5k Sub 30, Week 6 - It might be fun to keep on seeing progress like this

Published August 30, 2011

This week was over before I really knew about it, which is odd because it felt like a really mismatched weeks. Sometimes I thought I hadn’t been running for ages, sometimes it felt like I was tying up my shoelaces all the time. Nevertheless, the end of the Fitness Class is creeping up on me. After this week, there are just four workouts left. Goodness knows what I’ll do after that.

Week 6, Day 36

Running speed and elevation graph

The last one mile run I did covered 2.16km, so this was just a little bit further and faster. That’s good. Improvement is fun. I went a different route than the last one, attempting to find less hills. I do like how relatively smooth and consistent the graph above is, and how it appears to get a bit faster towards the end.

Week 6, Day 38

Running speed and elevation graph

I must say, this really is my favourite of the runs. Four minutes on, one minute walking. Repeat for thirty minutes. I’m contemplating keeping these up for a while after the class finishes, to see how much faster I can get. Clearly I am not going to get to the 5k in 30 minutes goal anytime soon, but it might be fun to keep on seeing progress like this.

Week 6, Day 40

Running speed and elevation graph

This was an interesting one because I was meant to go in the morning and didn’t. I should have and I felt guilty about it all day, so eventually, I had to go in the early evening instead. I felt glad that I’d gone out and done it, but the different time of day meant I probably wasn’t concentrating as well as I should have been. There were plenty more cars to contend with, but less people, I noticed. I also managed to drop my water bottle and damaged the front. It still works, thankfully.

To Work On

With only a few workouts left, the main priority now is to decide what I’m going to do next. The next one is too long, and there’s no way I’m going to manage to complete it. Then there are two thirty minute ones, which I like. Finally, it’s another 5k, which I can compare with the last one.

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