5k Sub 30, Week 5 - No more shoelace related issues

Published August 21, 2011

A pretty quiet week. The distances have been creeping up which I find disconcerting because a) I don’t really have the time to run more than 7km, given how slow I am and b) training for a 5k should not involve an 11k, should it? That’s not this week, but in a couple of weeks time. Bah! If I could do 11k just like that, then all that 10k related angst will be embarrassing. Nevertheless, on to this week’s fun and games.

Week 5, Day 27

Running speed and elevation graph

This was a whole mish-mash of a run really. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish because I only really had an hour to spare, and with all the walking, there’s no way I could get to the 8.8km it was supposed to be. I wanted to beat my previous furthest duration though (7.1km) so I could get a Runkeeper FitnessAlert. It’s been so long!

I had a shoelace issue, which is quite obvious in the above graph, and the pace is not so good, with all the walking. I felt really good running to start with, but was pretty tired by the end. My feet were aching a little bit, but I wasn’t surprised by that at all.

I’m not really a fan of this particular run’s intervals. The walking seems far too long. Looking forward to the rest of the week though.

Week 5, Day 31

Last week’s stats for this exact same run - 3.3km, 9.07 average pace, 6.58 average speed. This week:

Running speed and elevation graph

I love that there’s a difference! Today’s run was in the pouring rain, which was actually really fun, although I wish I’d worn a jacket because my arms were cold by the end.

On my walking warmup, my thigh felt like it might be a problem but when I started running, the niggle went away. Weird. Dreading the next run, too - fast and slow intervals with 12 repetitions!

Week 5, Day 33

Running speed and elevation graph

I knew I wasn’t really feeling 100% when I went out, but I was determined not to fall too far behind again. I started off okay, but by about halfway through I wasn’t really feeling too good. I pushed through one final interval and realised I was never going to get to the end, so I decided to stop.

The next run is 1 mile fast and I didn’t want to break myself and ruin that. The good news is that I have found a double knot lace solution, so there should be no more shoelace related issues.

To Work On

I should have known better than to put in a wishy washy target like “not getting any further behind.” I did drop a day or so back, but if I catch up tomorrow, I should still only be a week behind.

  • Try to find a celebratory 5k route for when I’m done, somewhere nice.
  • Investigate water bottles again. The ones I have were cheap and are okay but there must be something better out there.
  • Find another 5k race to participate in. All this work should not be put to waste. Plus this blog post is inspiring.
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