July 2011 header - Not quite a black hole

Published July 2, 2011

Header design

I went back to good old Abduzeedo for this one, the tutorial for Abstract Wallpaper. I tweaked the colours a little and made it my own, following the tutorial exactly made it too dark for my tastes.

As ever, I have used Anivers for the font, as it matches the text on the blog.

You’ll notice that there is no month in the header this time out. I’ve been quite lucky that I had a productive few months earlier in the year and had some spare designs in the bank, but now I have run out. I’ve been busy doing other things, such as writing books, and so whilst I do still enjoy creating the headers, it is not a priority at the moment.

I will do more in the future, but I don’t want to guarantee one a month, and I don’t want the date in the header putting pressure on myself!

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