The Archers - May 2011

Published June 4, 2011

The big news this month is the fallout of David’s confession to Elizabeth that it was his idea to take Nigel up on the roof. It was a great idea to make this happen on some random sunny afternoon, rather than at a high-pressure moment such as the inquest or the funeral. Rather, the tension bubbled up inside David, he couldn’t take the praise anymore and he just burst.

It does seem very one-sided of the family, all suggesting that Elizabeth should just let it go. The woman has just lost her husband and has struggled to keep a family business going, every day a reminder of what she’s lost. Why shouldn’t she be angry if someone takes the blame for it? Surely rather than every member of the family trying to change her mind - first Jill, then Kenton, then Shula - just let time work it’s magic.

Elizabeth can’t stay mad forever, and if she does, well, then perhaps that will be the time to start pushing for a reconciliation. Still, doing things quietly has never been the Archers style.

Elsewhere, Clarrie became a big disappointment this month. I have been loving the growing relationship between her and Super Nic but when she pushed her not-quite-daughter-in-law to open up about the baby thing, she then immediately blabbed to Eddie. A terrible abuse of trust, particularly as she isn’t exactly one to trust her husband implicitly… ever! It makes perfect sense that Nic would be enjoying her freedom, I just hope that doesn’t involve splitting up from Will. He needs someone to keep him under control.

Kate has been causing chaos, as is her will. She essentially promised Phoebe that she could stay in South Africa for more than just a holiday, without the notion coming into her head that Roy and Hayley might want to be consulted. Roy seems as uninspired as ever to try and stand up to Kate, but I’m sure Hayley will nag him to sort it out. Particularly as they both work in the same place now.

A few other bits and pieces, Pip and her new boyfriend are getting along splendidly, which is good to see after the previous disaster. Even David approved with a: “He’s just sooo not Jude.”

Brian is intent on sending Ruari off to a boarding school. That’s one way of getting rid of the poor child. I don’t understand why he doesn’t ship him off to live in Ireland permanently. He doesn’t seem to care much for him, and Jennifer could definitely do with a break.

Over in Ambridge Extra, Chas is digging himself in deeper and deeper. Whilst he’s been extorting money out of people, he has his own backers to please - in the shape of a rather threatening brother in law. It’s all going to end in tears, particularly as Chris is involved, taking out a loan of his own for a van.

Personally, I can’t believe Alice would still want to be around Chas. I know they live in the same flat, but after the way he dealt with the “lying to the police” thing, I’d be keeping my distance.

Fallon desperately tries to hook up Kirsty and Rhys, who seem like a really nice couple except for the small fact they have nothing in common. Does Kirsty ever have any luck with men? She prefers Rhys to just be a friend, that birdwatching chap seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet, who will be next? At least she and Rhys had a good time getting their own back on Fallon.

Finally, Jamie seems to have found the respect of his friends, because although he is soppy over his new girlfriend - who actually encourages him to study, shock, horror - he can also climb a bridge really fast. It can be pretty unpredictable, being in a gang.

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