A brand new book, and written by me too

Published June 16, 2011

Recently, I have talked a lot about writing. I talked about the process of doing it:

I’m quite lucky in that what I’m doing has specific sections so I know how far I am through it. Seeing the percentage creep up each day is really motivating, although the days when it stays the same is less so. It’s also good to say, when I get to this percentage then I can have a reward. I haven’t decided what my reward should be for finishing the whole thing. Maybe cake.

Then I talked about proof-reading what I’d done:

With this writing lark, I’m sort of at a stage where proofreading comes into play. I’m pretty good at proofreading. I’ve spent the past several years sub-editing posts on Sidepodcast to check for spelling and grammar and that kind of thing… This is a different kettle of fish altogether! I have mostly written the thing and now I have to go over and read it all again, even though I know how it ends! Tedious!

And the entire time, I was being all mysterious and kept what I was working on quiet. No longer! Now it is finished, and get this: I’m a published author! How weird.

The book is called That’ll be the Day: 365 F1 Stories, and it’s available on the Kindle and all the Kindly type apps. It’s the first of two parts, because as I was writing, I realised it was quite a lot of words and probably should be split into two. So the first is January to June, and the second will be July to December.

You can read a far better summation of the book written by Mr C over on Sidepodcast, and I’ve set up a Books page on this site for it and for future works as well. There will be more, I can promise you that.

The trials and tribulations of actually publishing the book are something I will get to when we’re totally done. It’s not been at all easy, but it’s totally worth it.

Now I’m going through the whole process again for Part II. Hopefully much of it will be a lot easier, and hopefully it will still be just as worth it!

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