30 day song challenge - Your least favourite song

Published June 26, 2011

Just two more to go, and the challenge is at an end. It’s been an interesting run through the highs and lows of my musical taste. I’ve discovered songs I thought I’d forgotten and I’ve managed to expand my knowledge at the same time. Good stuff.

My least favourite song could be one of a few, but there’s only one that springs to mind at the moment. I had this one worked out when I first read the challenge through, but it’s made worse by the fact I just heard the song yesterday as well. Gah.

As I tweeted:

Tweet from mrschristine: “Can’t quite believe that Noah & the Whale are responsible for 5 Years Time which I love and L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. which I detest.”

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