30 day song challenge - A song from your favourite album

Published June 1, 2011

I have never really been a big album person. Right from when I bought my very first one, I was keen to make sure that I liked at least a couple of songs on there so I would be getting value for money.

And of course, once again, this is the kind of thing that iTunes has changed. I don’t need to buy albums now. I can’t remember the last full album from a single band that I bought.

It may have been the Backstreet Boys, and that could just be because I felt obligated. The BSB albums are some of my favourites, but I shall not subject you to that now. The few albums I can think of that I love in their entirety include Alicia Keys “Songs in A Minor”, Travis “The Man Who” a live album we picked up of Jason Mraz, and both albums from The Calling.

I also never really got over the fact he’s called Alex Band and he’s in a band. Ha ha. Hm.

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