May 2011 Header - Candy stripes

Published May 1, 2011

Header design

This header came about suddenly at the last minute, but was a culmination of a lot of experimentation during the month.

Firstly, the typeface is the one I use for headers on the blog - Anivers. When I made the changes with Typekit, it suddenly made the existing header look a bit strange. I’ve already mentioned that I need to find a way to make text look more integrated with the pictures rather than stuck on at the last minute, but somehow the typeface tweaks made it seem even more obvious.

Working on the integration, I found a great technique for making the text look embossed. It’s so simple and really very effective.

Next on my list was a way of working with colours better, as I’m usually quite reserved with my choices - particularly when it comes to mixing and matching. Mr C pointed me in the direction of Adobe’s kuler which is a fantastic (albeit using Flash) way of finding a good colour palette.

I’m really happy with how this all came together.

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