Doctor Who: Series 6, Episode 6 - The Almost People

Published May 28, 2011

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First we have to come to terms with the fact that there are two Doctors. The Ganger Doctor has to burn through some worrying moments before stabilising - moments where other doctor voices come out of his head, talking of jelly babies and the like.

Then you get two Doctors talking to each other.

Doctor Who series 6 episode 6

“It’s just so inspiring to hear me say it,” one of them says to the other. The Doctor loves himself almost as much as he loved the TARDIS last time. It gets to the point where you start to ponder if the Doctor could be his own companion.

But of course, he isn’t. Amy is his companion and she notices that one of the Doctor’s is wearing different shoes to the other. This is crucial. Apparently.

The tale of the Gangers is one of all out war, until the gratuitous use of a child breaks the vast gulf between the two parties. Then they have to join together and face off evil Jen, who has somehow made copies of her copy and tricked Rory into tricking his friends.

By the way, the wall of eyeballs was really gross.

It’s not confusing as such, but a story that sort of plods along from one bit to the next, until you finally reach the conclusion. Happily for all involved, only one of each person survives - whether it be ganger or human. That means there are no messy endings, and although there are a few deaths along the way, the child still has a father, and Miranda still has her second in command.

That was the state of affairs, and there were still 15 minutes to go. Already, I was a bit irritated at the story, given how it had all tied up nicely after such moral dilemmas were being thrown about.

Amy has been horrible to the Ganger Doctor before discovering they switched shoes and fooled her. She sort of apologises, but even that is sort of swept under the carpet with no real resolution. She still ends up with her proper Doctor, escaping on the TARDIS.

With the two-parter wrapped up nicely, there’s just time to ramp up for next week’s mini-finale. Amy is not really Amy at all but has been Flesh this whole time - presumably since she disappeared in the orphanage?

The Doctor melts her away from the TARDIS and she wakes up in labour, with eye-patch lady looking over her.

At this point, I’m just tired of watching things that don’t make much sense. I’m all for a good cliff-hanger, and I’m all for a story-arc, but, I don’t know. This episode just left me disappointed and disheartened. Perhaps it was investing six years in LOST and ending up disappointed, but I just want to see clever writing and clever stories, that don’t leave you boggled at the end.

I loved the end of the last season so much - all those strands came together in a really clever way - but looking back, it was genius because you never really knew that the strands were there in the first place. That made it even more special.

This is more of someone throwing everything out there and then hoping it can all be tied up in the final episode. I’ve been there before and I don’t like it.

There was no “Next week” trailer at the end of the show, just a big To Be Continued stamp. So all that’s left to be said is, to be continued.

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