Audi super fast in Spa

Published May 5, 2011

Two practice sessions complete, with the results looking a bit like this.

Practice 1

1LMP1Capello / Kristensen / McNishAudi R18 TDI2:03.844
2LMP1Bernhard / Dumas / RockenfellerAudi R18 TDI2:04.054
3LMP1Lamy / Bourdais / PagenaudPeugeot 9082:04.217
4LMP1Fassler / Lotterer / TreluyerAudi R18 TDI2:05.329
5LMP1Montagny / Sarrazin / MinassianPeugeot 9082:05.392

Practice 2

1LMP1Fassler / Treluyer / LottererAudi R18 TDI2:03.124
2LMP1Capello / Kristensen / McNishAudi R18 TDI2:04.361
3LMP1Bernhard / Dumas / RockenfellerAudi R18 TDI2:04.405
4LMP1Lamy / Bourdais / PagenaudPeugeot 9082:05.472
5LMP1Lapierre / Duval / PanisORECA Peugeot2:06.962
6LMP1Gene / Wurz / DavidsonPeugeot 9082:07.150
7LMP1Amaral / PlaQuifel-ASM Zytek2:07.543
8LMP1Montagny / Sarrazin / MinassianPeugeot 9082:08.547

The second practice session came to an end when Pedro Lamy smashed up the other Peugeot. Boy am I glad that he’s not sharing with Franck this weekend. Although they were faster than FKM’s car in both practices, which isn’t so great.

And now, drum roll please, Franck speaks!

I was surprised. It’s strange because the car does not look fast. It looks fat, not like the Peugeot. It’s as if we’re racing in two different categories. The Audi looks more steady and it’s maybe because they’re using the tyres better. The problem we have today is making the parts of the car work together; getting the tyres, aero, engine all doing the right thing. Our sweet spot is very narrow.

More tomorrow!

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