A stream of consciousness when I should be writing

Published May 31, 2011

At the moment, I’m busy, busy trying to write the most lengthy thing I have ever written. No specifics, you know how it is, but writing something like this is a process I’ve read about so often and never really got this far with.

Things that help:

  • Being in a different place. I was writing whilst I was off on my alphabet adventure and at the end of the day, I would sit in my room and type type type. Equally, just moving away from my desk and taking the laptop towards the sofa makes a huge amount of difference. It’s not like there are any less distractions when I have the entire internet at my fingertips, but being away from the regular place makes it easier to do something different.
  • Rainymood. A sudden influx of sunshine means people like to do things like mowing lawns and having loud conversations in the garden. This is where earphones and rainymood are very useful. I did find the site was glitching for me at one point, so instead I tuned in to the SleepMachine app that I mentioned here a while ago. That works just as well. Far better than listening to the spoken word, and I find my playlists very distracting because it just makes me want to sing along.
  • Percentages. I’m quite lucky in that what I’m doing has specific sections so I know how far I am through it. Seeing the percentage creep up each day is really motivating, although the days when it stays the same is less so. It’s also good to say, when I get to this percentage then I can have a reward. I haven’t decided what my reward should be for finishing the whole thing. Maybe cake.

I’m not too far off the end now which is fabulous, although, of course, I am procrastinating by writing this post. It’s such a fascinating thing that in the midst of this, it feels as though I can’t think about or do anything else until it’s done, else I’ll break the motivation and never get back to it. I pine about actually having a life again.

Except, when I wasn’t writing this, that “having a life” business was mostly spent dreaming about actually being able to write something. You can’t win!

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