30 day song challenge - Song from your childhood

Published May 19, 2011

When the Spice Girls first came out, when there were five of them and before they started dating footballers and having babies, I was a big fan. I like a good bit of pop music, and with all that Girl Power stuff, these ladies spoke to me.

So much so that I remember having a special compilation video, taping all appearances by the Spice Girls on Top of the Pops and Royal Variety Performances and Noel’s House Party. I do believe that is what YouTube now call playlists, but back then it was hard work!

This song particularly reminds me of my childhood because I remember my BFF gathering a group of friends to perform it in a school talent show. I remember wishing I had four friends. And that I could remember all the words. And sing. And dance.

Bless young me.

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