10k Sub 60, Week 1 - What have I let myself in for?

Published May 21, 2011

With my Runkeeper Fitness Class all signed up and paid for (about £6 for 16 weeks training), I had to wait to get started. I tried out the first run a little early to get used to how it all worked, and although just a simple run, it was fun. (Also, it was hard, but that comes from only running once in a week.)

Week 1. Day 3.

I find it weird that the class begins with two rest days, so that you don’t actually start until the third day, but hey… I am not in charge!

Running speed and elevation graph

It was a relatively nondescript run. I felt like I started too fast, then slowed it down too much - but the graph looks surprisingly level. I’m conscious that when the intervals begin it’s going to be running slow and then fast. I’m not sure what fast is!! I’ve always just run what I can with a mind to being able to get to the finish.

Having said that, this run was supposed to be 2 miles slow, and I reckon this is pretty representative of that.

Week 1. Day 5.

If the last run was really smooth and consistent, this was the complete opposite.

Running speed and elevation graph

My only real excuse is that it was much warmer than I was anticipating. I started out well, felt like there was a big dip in the middle, and then rallied again at the end.

It’s a bit odd to be running to a set distance - so no matter how fast or slow I go, it’s not over until the distance is reached.  Looking at some of the distances this programme requires, I am scared. What have I let myself in for?

Week 1. Day 7.

I’m not 100% sure what happened here, but this is my fastest average pace so far.

Running speed and elevation graph

I am pondering whether it’s because I woke up with a bit of backache (either from my silly attempts at yoga or because I slept funny), nothing major just an irritant. I was determined to push through it, so maybe I pushed through my speed barrier too?

I must admit I was a bit too tired at the end, the instructions do say it should be slow, conversation pace, etc. But, equally, I was impressed with how quickly I recovered.

Next time, (although really that means tomorrow) I’ll be running slightly more than my longest distance yet, and then after that I’m into my first set of intervals. I’m both dreading it and also kind of excited. I don’t know how much of this programme I’m going to be able to do, but I’m just going to take one (or two) days at a time.

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