Ease into 10k - A shopping interlude

Published April 25, 2011

Getting back from a mini-break away, I was a bit antsy to go out, but not really motivated to do a proper run, considering I had to get some food and sort out all manner of post-holiday chores.

Mr C suddenly suggested that I should just run to the shop, get food for today and run back again, with a big shop planned for later.

I instantly discounted it. That’s not part of my training plans, I’d have to pause the run midway, it’s a different route, it’s not a good idea… but then I thought about it. No one is making the rules that I run by except me, and why shouldn’t I just go for a bit of a run, just because?

Shopping run

It wasn’t exactly speedy, the new route featured a slow uphill incline on the way, and then on the way back I was weighted down with shopping items. However, it was brilliant to know I was running to a specific destination and then back again, regardless of time.

And that I was running for a purpose, hunter/gatherer style, saving the environment from my car as I did so!

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