Doctor Who: Series 1, Episode 10 - The Doctor Dances

Published March 15, 2011

Doctor Who Spoiler

Following on from the better-than-expected Empty Child, we have the conclusion of the two-parter. Last we saw, the Doctor was trapped in a corner, surrounded by the worrying gas mask people.


And just like that, the tension is over and we can get on with the rest of the story. I love the terrible last words line though.

Doctor Who series 1 episode 10

As we’re winding our way through the story, there are lots of little snippets worth noting. The tension between Captain Jack and the Doctor rises so very quickly, you can already tell that he’s starting to care about her without any of the dancing nonsense. I must say, there didn’t appear to be much room in the TARDIS for dancing, regardless of how much bigger it is on the inside.

Also, Rose said: “Cuts himself shaving, does half an hour on lifeforms he’s cleverer than.” The Doctor shaves? I somehow never saw that happening.

Meanwhile, the Doctor makes mention that Rose is jeopardy friendly. At last someone has noticed. She clearly hasn’t learnt from the Father’s Day debacle, because she lets Nancy know that Britain wins the war. Surely that isn’t something she should be spouting about, especially not without checking first.

Captain Jack says his bosses stole two years of his life. That’s very Bourne, isn’t it? Do we ever revisit that? And what is a Time Agent anyways?

He was a bit more attractive this episode, simply from the fact that it appeared he quite selfishly saved himself, but then he didn’t. He was actually prepared to sacrifice himself. Then he didn’t have to do that either. Quite the rollercoaster of emotion.

Finally, in terms of the story itself, it was the fairytale style that we have come to expect from Mr Moffat. The idea that everything came down to a mother owning up to her child, and more importantly, to a single hug. That is the kind of jeopardy we expect the 11th Doctor to deal with.

The kind of jeopardy that ends with: “Just this once, everybody lives!”

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