The Archers - December 2010

Published January 1, 2011

To celebrate Christmas with the Archers (and a year since I have been blogging about Ambridge - a year? Where’s that gone?), I thought I’d do this post a little differently. I’m experimenting with the format a little, and will go through the month show by show. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Let us just begin.

**1st **- Tony is mean to Kathy again, but she is still whining about Jamie, so who can blame him? Meanwhile, Kate is being far meaner to Ruari - just because Phoebe wants to go to Laser Quest, she drags Ruari along, and makes him sick. Equally, she’s not telling Phoebe the whole truth about her return to South Africa. Kate is just awful.

2nd - Will is annoyed that Brian bought one of his own Christmas trees, but that’s actually quite amusing. Kate is cheeky and asks Brian if he’ll buy Phoebe a laptop as a Christmas present.

3rd - Thieves steal some of David and Ruth’s hay! Terrible business.

5th - Clarrie breaks her wrist! Poor Clarrie. It is quite typical to go ice skating successfully and then fall on the ice on the way home. This sounds like something I would do.

6th - Helen eats a big meal and asks Pat to come to an antenatal class. Pat says yes, even though she’s panicking about covering Clarrie’s workload.

7th - Jill is particularly concerned about Elizabeth and Nigel pushing Freddie too hard - I’m not sure why it upsets Jill so much? Meanwhile, Harry and Fallon finally kiss, and from Nigel’s reaction, it’s quite a big kiss. My guess is this isn’t going to signal any real step forward in their relationship though.

8th - Kate plans a special early Christmas for spoilt Phoebe. Meanwhile, Will gets snippy when he realises Ed will be helping with the turkeys. SuperNic steps forward and convinces him to be sensible, and offers to help at the same time.

9th - I find the name Hot Lips Harry very uncomfortable. I think he does too. Somehow, Eddie grabbed a bit of hay from someone at the market, and Pip’s oh-so-boring species work from earlier in the year finally comes in handy to prove that it is their stolen wares. Except David isn’t going to do anything about it.

10th - Kate finally tells Phoebe the truth, and I’m surprised that the child is so upset at an extra two weeks away from her mum, when she barely saw her at all before this. Vicky volunteers to help cover Clarrie’s job for Pat.

12th - Kenton offers Elizabeth some kind of strange highwayman deal for the last week of Deck the Hall. Tony and Pat go out for a well-earned dinner, and Tony shares his misgivings over Helen and the baby. As if we didn’t know them already.

13th - SuperNic is once again on top form as she keeps all tempers under control while the turkey business takes place.

14th - You know it’s bad when even Brian can see that poor Phoebe is upset, but Kate just continues to be awful and drags the poor girl to say goodbye at the airport. Vicky is excited at the opportunity to have a job where you can just gossip all the time.

15th - Lynda has roped in Freddie to be a rat, which will surely detract from his studying time even more. Hayley spends a lot of time trying to cheer up Phoebe, presumably cursing Kate under her breath the entire time.

16th - Kenton finds a highwayman outfit. Helen shouts at Tony for no apparent reason I can tell, but Tony doesn’t particularly handle it well either.

17th - Phoebe talks to Kate via Skype, and Roy is lovely to her when the conversation doesn’t go quite as planned. Pat tries to fix the row between Tony and Helen, but Helen enjoys stamping her foot.

19th - Helen moans to Ian about Tony. I’m slightly surprised at how long it’s taking Ian to fix up the nursery - what kind of a state did Annette leave that room in? Lily is jealous of Freddie being in the panto, and Nigel talks her round to be more supportive of her brother. It’s so grown up at Lower Loxley.

20th - Tony brings Helen a present to make amends, but she throws it back at him because she already has one. She’s mad that he wasn’t listening. As if it’s easy to keep track of the multitude of stuff a baby needs.

21st - Vicky has messed up in the dairy - turns out the job isn’t just about gossiping after all. She isn’t fired though, which is lucky. Pat worries about Helen.

22nd - Super Nic does Clarrie’s shopping for her, and reorganises her life so she can bring Will to Christmas dinner.

23rd - Nigel and Kenton do some kind of highwayman joke. I’m really not getting the highwayman thing. Ian finally finishes the nursery.

24th - Alice and Chris save what was a dying party at Susan’s. Even Jennifer lets loose and has a good time. This is something I cannot imagine.

26th - Christmas Day went well for Pat, Tony and Helen, with no arguments, but Pat has to tell Tony that he’s not required to build the cot. Nigel finds some kind of brooch which he wants to give to Elizabeth as a present.

27th - Lambing begins for Adam, and there’s a new student arriving - who is this mysterious Clare? Helen and Kirsty go for a walk, with Helen marching on for miles. Later she is tired out and can’t stay at Ian’s party very long, which Tony takes personally.  Pat must be tearing her hair out at these two silly fools.

28th - The first night of the panto goes well, even baby Oscar liked it, which is weird.

29th - More on Tony and Helen, she wants an early night for New Year, but doesn’t seem likely to get it if Tom has his way. That sounds wrong… you know what I mean. More about Nigel’s brooch, and Lynda uses her snappiest persuading skills on him. The whole success of the panto rests on him picking up a wig, apparently.

30th - Lots of talk about the panto review, some kind of grow-your-own mistletoe scam from the Grundys.

31st - Tom is miserable because his family is miserable. Fallon finally admits that she likes Harry, and tells Brenda that he’s playing hard to get. Brenda calls him weird. YES HE IS. Nigel gives the brooch to Elizabeth. He’s unbelievably romantic, I say.

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