Friday Five - Mr C's top five songs from 2010

Published January 14, 2011

We recapped Mr C’s top five films at the very end of 2010, and after a little bit of pondering (and a little bit of tardiness on my part), he’s back with his top five songs released in 2010. It was a good year for us and music, after a few years of not being that interested in the output of that particular industry. So, here are his top five:

  1. Forget You - Cee Lo Green. “One of those songs where nothing before it had been anything like it. The style of the video was unique, and captivating. Not particularly bothered if it’s the version with or without the swearing. I love the retro references too, like Atari.”
  2. This Ain’t a Love Song - Scouting for Girls. “It’s the follow-up to every other love song. Every pop song is about saying sorry and getting back together, and much like Forget You, this is the bit that comes after - where they’ve given up and are moving on. It’s also a fine pop song, and it’s also quite amazing they’ve done something that is different to their other songs. I didn’t think they had it in them.”
  3. Amazing - Bruno Mars. “What a talent, what a songwriter. I also like his new song, but that’s 2011. Aside from the fact that he seems to have nicked Jason Mraz’s style, he genuinely is one of the talents of 2010.”
  4. Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah. “The song hangs on the chorus, it’s one of the best choruses… blindingly good. Probably made slightly better by the fact the rap isn’t very good. Worth putting up with Tinie for the chorus.”
  5. Mine - Taylor Swift. “She’s the new Shania Twain, it’s as country as I’ll ever go in my whole life. However, I like the premise of it, the storytelling. It’s like a mini-movie in a song.”

Honourable mention goes to Shakira with Waka Waka, which Mr C debated over for quite a long time. It’s really far cooler than Taylor Swift, and great fun, but not quite as memorable a song. Personally, I thought it took to long to get going, as well, but that’s me and not Mr C.

I think that’s all of Mr C’s top five lists for now, we’ll have to check back here in a year and see how his tastes of changes.

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