Another "too much of a good thing" example

Published January 17, 2011

Several times on this blog I have talked about how very excellent the Four Chords song is by Axis of Awesome. And it is fabulous, I’m not going back on my word.

At the same time, though, it’s fair to say that those four chords have ruined my musical life.

Twice in the past couple of weeks, Mr C and I have ended up racking our brains for hours and hours trying to work out where we know a song from, and it turns out to be somewhere in the megasong.

One particular example occurred whilst listening to some radio with Mr C. A song came on that neither of us had ever heard before, but we both recognised it. I could hear the chorus in my head, and the way it was sung. When the chorus came round, I was right when it came to the words, but it wasn’t the voice I had thought would appear. I naturally assumed that it must be a cover, but a bit of a search on the interwebs proved that it wasn’t.

I couldn’t figure out how it was possible I knew this song that I had never heard of, and could place the vocals so accurately in my head, and yet it be completely different to the finished version.

We pondered, we searched, and eventually we realised it wasn’t a cover, it was featured in Four Chords, and that is how we both had heard of it.

It’s not even an easy process to find that out. If you think it might be in there, you can listen to the Four Chords song to check, but which version? They’re constantly updating it with new additions, and between us we have quite a few different mp3s to work with.

Plus, you have to listen to the whole thing, and it’s usually about eight minutes long. Because of the nature of the song, and the four chords being repeated throughout, the only distinction you can make is whether it is in the first half of the song, or after the double time bit.

It is an absolute nightmare. But also still brilliant.

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