Watch out for the red dots

Published December 21, 2010

Travelling in and amongst the snow is a nightmare, but I refuse to moan as I know plenty of people have had it a lot worse than me. What I would like to do is plug the RAC Traffic App, available via both Apple and Android.

It is super duper useful, pointing out the tricky situations on the roads - from slippery bits, to hefty delays due to accidents, to roadworks and closed motorways. It’s really useful for UK type people.

This was what it showed on Saturday when the heavens opened and a bucketload of white stuff fell down.

RAC app

You can tap each dot to get more information about the specific incident, and obviously you can use location based services to home in on where you are and what is around you. On a day like the above, you just wouldn’t leave the house. Normally, there are less dots and it is far more useful. I highly recommend it.

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