Celebrity Mastermind - Back to the Future edition

Published December 29, 2010

Last night, there was a Celebrity Mastermind episode in which one of the contestants chose the Back to the Future trilogy as their specialist subject. Thanks to Alex for pointing this out to me, these questions could have been made for me! As is becoming a bit of a tradition when there’s a subject we know about on Mastermind, I thought I’d gather the questions for others to see how they got on.

The contestant was Dean Macey, who is apparently some kind of decathlete, and it seems, a big fan of Back to the Future. He scored 14 points, I scored 13. Let’s see how you get on:

  1. Who plays Marty McFly and several of the relatives he meets on his journeys while time travelling?
  2. What make of car has Doc Brown converted into a time machine that travels back and forth between three centuries?
  3. Marty accidentally travels back in time while he’s trying to escape from the Libyan terrorists who have shot Doc Brown. What year does he travel to?
  4. Who directed and co-wrote all three Back to the Future films?
  5. In the first film, after Marty has been knocked down by a car and taken back to Lorraine’s house, what name does she call him because it’s written on his underwear?
  6. What’s the title of the publication that Marty buys when he’s in 2015, which falls into Biff’s hands and makes him rich by enabling him to place a string of winning bets?
  7. In the first film, who is the mayor of Hill Valley in 1985? His grandson is also the mayor in 2015.
  8. In Back to the Future III, the town blacksmith Emmett Brown is being pursued for money by Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen. How much money?
  9. What is the name of the Hill Valley High School dance in 1955, where Marty is desperate for his future parents to kiss because otherwise he’ll never be born?
  10. How many miles per hour does the DeLorean have to reach in order to initiate time travel?
  11. When he travels back to the old west of 1885, what name does Marty decide to use after meeting his own ancestors and realising he can’t use his real name?
  12. Who calls Marty in Back to the Future II and asks him to participate in an illegal proposal? The call costs Marty his job with Costco.
  13. When Marty travels to 1955 without extra plutonium to fuel the return journey, Doc Brown harnesses the power of what natural phenomenon to provide the necessary 1.21 Gigawatts to power the time machine?
  14. At the end of Back to the Future II, Marty receives a 70 year old letter from Doc Brown that is delivered by which company?
  15. Who plays the Hill Valley schoolteacher Clara Clayton in Back to the Future III?
  16. Which rock and roll classic does Marty play at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance leaving his audience in stunned silence with his guitar playing?

I’m really quite annoyed with myself. I missed out on number 8 because under time pressure I couldn’t decide between two amounts, even though it is so obvious. I also missed out on 14, which I don’t think I would have got even if I’d sat and thought about it for an hour. Finally, Mr C shouted out the answer to 16 before I had a chance to, so we’ll never know if I would have got it or not.

How do you reckon you got on? I have posted the answers here.

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