A Channel 4 identity crisis

Published December 31, 2010

I treated myself to the first series of Miranda, and after watching the first episode I found myself ever so confused. The iTunes version has the Channel 4 logo at the beginning. How odd, I thought. Miranda couldn’t be more BBC. Created by BBC Productions, broadcast on the BBC. The show came about because of a radio comedy that was on… wait for it… BBC Radio.

But there it was, large as life, a Channel 4 ident.

Channel 4 logo

As it turns out, after a little bit of googling, I discovered the DVD and digital distribution rights are with Channel 4, despite how very BBC the entire Miranda project is.

I find this very strange. I was mentally thanking BBC and/or BBC Worldwide for releasing this show on iTunes so I get my grubby paws on it, and now it turns out that it’s actually all thanks to Channel 4. Why haven’t the Beeb just released it for themselves? And would they have done so if Channel 4 had not stepped up to distribute it for them?

It’s all very odd, but then again, most of the way the TV and movie industries work at the moment is the very definition of odd, so I don’t know why I was surprised.

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