Post-it doodles

Published November 17, 2010

A while back, I talked of time spent at my first official job - messing about with stationery. It was a mundane job, and one which I was quite good at, which meant as long as the work was done, slacking off was a bit more acceptable in the eyes of the bosses.

Back then, I casually mentioned that we used to doodle things on post-it notes. There was a particular chap who I had a bit of a connection with, mostly because everyone else thought I was a bit odd but he had the same sense of humour as me. We used to write post-it notes to each other about nothing in particular, and then it would always end up in doodling. We used to have doodle competitions to see who was better and he always won.

I recently found a particular collection of doodles that I saved from so many years ago.


My particular favourites are the two in the top right hand corner. He drew a fox, the one in the furthest corner, and I said it wasn’t very good and that I could do better.

He spent quite a long time laughing at my attempt. Turns out I am not an artist.

The one under that, with quite a lot going on, was an afternoon where we passed the post-it back and forth, each adding a new element to the drawing.

I know I started with the flower. I can also claim the duck in the corner, and probably the cloud was mine too. Meanwhile he was drawing helicopters, blimps, and hot air balloons. You can see that the fox makes another appearance there too.

It’s funny, because I always assumed I hated that job, but looking at this page brings back good memories. Long live the doodle!

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