The Archers - September 2010

Published October 1, 2010

Finally, Kenton and Kathi have split up! Who else is completely and utterly relieved? It started at that golf club dinner thing, when Kenton was doing his best, as per usual, and Kathi was being annoying, as per usual. She told him she didn’t need any help, then complained when he didn’t help her. Granted, he did punch her boss, and when he moved out, he immediately got drunk and arrested, but still, her claims that he was childish and unreliable still seemed unfair.

I absolutely cannot believe that Elizabeth found out about his indiscretion and completely blabbed to Kathi. “Oh, but I had to, I was in such a difficult position, how could I not tell her?” Easy, Elizabeth. Just don’t tell her. For a start, it’s none of her business, and secondly, how dare she get in the middle of their relationship like that? If I was Kenton, I wouldn’t have forgiven her so easily, or helped Nigel sort out the anniversary thing. Actually, that’s not true. I would still have helped Nigel. Nigel seems all kinds of lovely recently.

Anyway, I’m relieved that we may get less of Kathi and Kenton angst over the next few weeks - although it does seem like Jamie is on a self-destruct mission, so perhaps that will bring them back together. Let’s hope not!

Things are looking a bit brighter at the pub, particularly after some worrying moments early in the month when Lillian declared she wouldn’t be bailing the place out. You can’t blame her really, pubs are closing all over the country, particularly in rural areas, and it must be very tough to try and keep it in business. However, after the ever-enthusiastic Harry started up a website and a Twitter campaign (which someone brought into existence), Jolene could see just how much everyone really does love The Bull. With that, and the Vicar bringing some Harvest Festival business there way, things are looking up. Fallon has a bit of extra support, and Jolene is sounding a bit more with it, if not any happier yet.

I did enjoy the light relief of Jazzer choking on his beer when Fallon told him she and Harry had been out looking at flats. Also when he tried to weasel his way to stay at the pub, failed, and had to stumble out of the offer to stay with Harry instead. Their rivalry is very amusing.

A few months ago, we had a brief glimpse of how disruptive Kate can be, particularly when she tries to spend time with Pheobe. She gets under Roy’s skin, and really winds up Hayley, and doesn’t seem to notice either. Now she is back to further her education, and already she has Hayley at breaking point. I have not had much experience of Kate and her ways, as she has been in South Africa for the majority of time I have been listening. I think I’m going to end up on Hayley’s side though.

The news of Emma’s pregnancy is beginning to slip out but Clarrie expressed her concerns about Will. Clearly he is going to flip out when he hears the news. The guy is already on edge after spending weeks worrying about the extra hours Nic has been doing at the pub, and pondering her relationship with Harry. She realised he was jealous and the pair had an emotional showdown where she had to shout at him: “I’m NOT Emma.” She may have called her names as well. I sense this situation getting worse again when the news of a new baby Grundy breaks.

Talking of babies, Helen had a pretty bad day when she was rushing around for an open farm food thing, and had a visit from environmental health, and she’d lost the record book, and she was worrying about test results and… well that’s quite enough. She went home for a rest and it all went on without her. Phew. It also allowed Tom to show his sensitive side a little bit. I’m not sure I approve of that. Her test results were fine, though, so she can fix her worries on something else instead.

A few other things to note:

  • I’m still really enjoying Matt and Brian going head to head. I can never really work out what Matt’s plans are, but hearing the two of them trying to outmanoeuvre each other is great.
  • I wonder when Kirsty and that other guy will get together. I’ve forgotten his name, but he did invite her to the bird watching hut in the middle of the night. I suspect his motives!
  • Finally, Pip is having a barn dance. I enjoyed Ruth saying: “You didn’t think we could get away with three children and not have to host a barn dance?” Well, yes Ruth, actually, yes I did, because I’ve never heard of anyone having a barn dance outside of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!
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