Peugeot take a 1-2 victory at Le Mans - and Franck wins!

Published October 3, 2010

Franck, along with Sarrazin and Lamy, won the 2010 Petit Le Mans yesterday. I didn’t watch it but all I’ve seen suggests it was a great race, interesting throughout, and it wasn’t until the final couple of hours that Peugeot seemed to have it in the bag. They took up two steps of the podium with Allan McNish for Audi in third.

A snippet from the Autosport report:

…the Audi R15 of Allan McNish/Dindo Capello/Tom Kristensen had a very real chance of winning, while the second 908 of Anthony Davidson/Marc Gene/Alex Wurz was waiting in the wings on the lead lap.But when Capello was briefly blinded when his balaclava slipped over his eyes, causing him to concede the lead to Montagny and then to pit out of sequence and thus drop off the lead lap, the cars fell perfectly into Peugeot’s hands.

Balaclava issues?? Is this Wacky Races?

Anyway, for once FKM looks a little bit happy on the podium, which is good. He said he definitely wanted to win one race for Peugeot this year, and he managed to repeat his Petit Le Mans form from 2009 so all is well.

He’s also a little bit beardy, which I approve of. What next for our favourite Frenchman?

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