Open to learning

Published October 29, 2010

It has been a couple of years since I sat some exams, and I have been very happy spending my time in more creative pursuits. I have got out of the house a bit more, examined the world of podcast and community creation to a greater extent, and spent a lot of time with my family and friends.

Now, though, I am getting the craving to learn again. I am always learning, obviously, given what a clean slate I have to begin with, and what a poor memory I have for retaining information. When I watch films, I learn. When we talk in the comments, I learn. When I read books, I learn. We all do.

However, I’m looking for something a bit bigger. The problem is that at the moment, I know I have no desire to go on to higher things in my chosen career. That probably means I have made the wrong choice, but that is a whole other conversation.

I was perusing the web for distance learning, and the number one choice seems to be the Open University. I didn’t do the University thing, but this couldn’t be less like the university I hear about all the time. For a start, I am amazed at the prospect of the Open Degree. Rather than sticking to a structured set of modules for, say, an English degree, you can select modules from all over the place. Ranging from history, to science, to child-care, to Shakespeare, to nursing, to astronomy, the choice is quite massive.

I put together a degree I think I would be happy doing, taking into account the rather complicated structure of three levels and required points to be gained at each level. It’s not a degree I am after, in particular, although it is always good to get something to recognise your learning. Better than just reading a book and pronouncing yourself proficient, I suppose.

It’s quite a lot of money, as higher education often is, but as a long term process it is not quite so painful as dropping everything and going back to school would be. Plus, it has all the added benefits of distance learning - being able to go at your own pace (quite fast for me), and being able to pick it up when and where you like.

It all sounds good. I’m not quite in the right place money-wise, just yet. And even if I was, I’m not convinced that I would be confident enough to start such a big project right now. I think it’s a fabulous idea though, and it’s definitely a thought that has lodged itself firmly in the back of my mind.

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