Crazy confounding cube challenge

Published October 31, 2010

That’s easy for you to say.

I recently added a new item to my Life List in the form of No. 63 - Solve a Rubik’s Cube.

When I was quite a lot younger, I had a Rubik’s Cube and I couldn’t do it at all. My mum found The Book for solving it, and even with the answer in front of me, I still couldn’t do it.

So now, with winter drawing in, I thought it would be fun to get started on what is likely to be a very long term list item. The cube can sit on my desk, and I can just pick it up when I have a few minutes. I’m not confident I will ever manage to figure this out, even if I do give in and buy the book at some point in the future.

Did you know Will Smith can do the cube in about a minute?

Anyway, on to my Rubik’s Cube. Here it is, all new and shiny. The one and likely only time it will be completed.

Rubik’s Cube

Mr C thinks this challenge is a ridiculous idea, which it is, and said the only part he wanted in it was to be the one to mess up the cube.

Rubik’s Cube

He took it easy to start with, but then he really sorted it out.

Rubik’s Cube

And here it is, the starting point.

Rubik’s Cube

Good luck me. I don’t hold out much hope!

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