The Archers - August 2010

Published September 2, 2010

What a great way to start the month - a surprise wedding! (Actually, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to me as I read this fabulous post first - oops!)

Not such a great surprise for Jennifer, though. I have honestly never heard anyone quite so snobby. Of course, she inhabits a world where a barbecue takes two very stressful weeks to organise and involves marquees and hiding the expensive liquor. Did she really think Uncle Jailbird was going to be let out for a party? Funerals, yes. Maybe even a wedding at a push, but a party? Unlikely.

Jennifer was at her most hypocritical self when Debbie broke the news that she and her boyfriend had split up. Oh, Jennifer sighed, her hand pressed against her forehead, but Debbie needed to find herself a good man and get married, did she want to go and grow old alone? Then you have Alice, who has found herself a good man and got married, but this is just terrible news.

It’s not very often I sing the praises of Brian, but he was positively… positive about the whole thing! Okay, he did relate to it as Alice’s starter marriage, but hey, he has high hopes for her. At least he gets on well with Christopher and makes the effort with the Carters. I really loved hearing him and Neil go at it during the dinner party. There should be more of that. They were talking about farming and everything! Imagine!

Emma Carter has enough going on her life without worrying about her brother. From discovering she had a secret admirer, to breaking the news that she was pregnant. Firstly, did anyone else think Josh’s little crush was dealt with too swiftly? The kid was hiding in the bushes with a camcorder for goodness sake. A quick apology and that’s fine? I don’t buy it. Secondly, Will is going to hit the roof.

We’ve already heard hints of his stress levels rising. He’s annoyed at Nic and her new-found confidence at the pub, he practically bit Ed’s head off for no reason when they bumped into each other. Ed, quite wisely, backed off, presumably not wanting to be strangled again. God knows what will happen when they break the news that George is going to have a little brother/sister/cousin. Talk about a complicated family. I just hope we’re not going to have to hear about artichokes for the next few months. Emma didn’t even say she was craving them, and Ed was off on one.

A quick aside, because I do not want to rant about Helen too much, but I CANNOT believe that she went into the shop and blatantly started talking under the assumption that Alice was pregnant. Susan was aghast, and who can blame her? I would have punched her in the face. Couldn’t she just have said: “Susan, I’m pregnant, feel free to spread the gossip,” instead of casting opinions about other people’s relationships, potentially stirring up great trouble if Alice had indeed been pregnant and not told her mother-in-law yet. Ugh. Sorry. Turns out I did rant.

A few other things:

  • Glad Kathy has calmed down a bit. Now that Jamie is feeling better, she has nothing to whine about. Except I’m dreading the golf day thing. Poor, poor Kenton. When he got Jamie to open up about the cricket ground, oh, it almost melted my stone-cold heart.
  • I quite like Nigel’s idea about the allotments. Was Elizabeth dismissive because Nigel has a reputation for coming up with silly ideas, or because she was so worried about the boarding school thing? I do think it’s a bit of a cheek to sign up for one of those schools you have to register for before birth and then throw all that waiting away.
  • I don’t know much about grief counselling, but I think Jolene needs some. I also don’t see why she can’t go away for a bit, leave the pub in the more than capable hands of Fallon and the new guy Rhys, and forget about it.
  • Finally, what on earth is up with Ruari’s accent? His mother was Irish, right? I get that. But he’s grown up surrounded by, as we have already established, exceedingly posh people. The Irish accent sounded weird in itself, and it’s even more bizarre that he still has it!
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