To live like a womble, that's the dream

Published August 3, 2010

A while ago, Mr C compiled a list of things you cannot podcast near to, and they are (including but not limited to):

  • near train stations
  • in windy locations
  • anywhere close to police or fire stations
  • next door to noisy neighbours
  • in an owl sanctuary

Owls are a surprisingly common problem.

A week or so ago, I offered a throwaway comment on Sidepodcast, suggesting if we had the funding, we would build a bunker and never come out. I think that was actually a reaction to some traffic based issues, but the more I think about it, the more this seems like a good idea for noise issues as well.

This weekend, we were lucky enough to go and visit the Renault F1 factory, and they have a bunker. We took two steps inside before realising it was perfect. We were home!

Renault bunker

I wish I’d stopped to take a picture of the “hallway” section because there was something so comforting about it, and I’d love to have a record of the way it was lit.

I suppose the word bunker is a bit misleading because the people I have mentioned it to have stared aghast at the thought of no windows.


Renault bunker inside

With the correct planning, you wouldn’t even know you were underground. In the main atrium, they had skylights, and the view out of the big semi-circle window was incredible. It’s all about location, and a good architect.

So far, in just a week or so of obsessing about the bunker, I have looked at lots of pictures, started thinking about what lighting would work, dreamt of air filtration systems. I have also learned about The Underground House which was featured on an episode of Grand Designs. I’ll have to dig out that episode and make notes. I’ll report back!

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