Onwards to Italy

Published August 31, 2010

Franck has seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet, and so it is left to other drivers to preview the upcoming Superleague Race. I’m assuming FKM is still driving in the series, although last we heard he was a little bit peeved at the entire thing - his team included.

This weekend the gang head to Italy, the Adria International Raceway for Round 8 of the 2010 Superleague Formula Championship. The official preview suggests:

The 1.679-mile, 13-turn circuit on the Adriatic coastline of northern Italy’s Veneto region is a tight, twisty and technical affair which rewards those capable of stringing together a series of corners in quick succession.

Let’s say Franck is driving this weekend, there will be live streaming on the site. Ignore the fact that it says August 5th. It means September really. While we’re on that subject, this race is unexpected to me - the end of the calendar looks vastly different to it’s pre-season version. I haven’t seen any announcements of the changes either - I’m surprised drivers and teams know where to turn up!

Anyway, good luck Franck. If you’re there.

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